How to Have Your Best Tax Season Ever

Four easy steps to stay on top of your BenchTax engagement.

1. Download the Worklayer mobile app for fast communication with your Taxfyle Expert

Worklayer has a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to:
  • Be alerted of and send messages within their job
  • Upload documents
  • Electronically approve and sign your tax return
Download the app here:

2. Download the Bench mobile app for quick access to your financials and your bookkeeper

Download the iOS app here:

3. Upload the required documentation for your structure

You can upload the documentation you have in advance of your job being picked up by a Taxfyle Expert. We recommend ensuring that all required documentation has been included as soon as possible.
Login at, click into your Annual Tax job and upload any documents we may be missing by scrolling to the bottom of the page and drag-and-dropping them into the upload widget!

4. Be available to confirm your financials and return

When Bench has put together your Year End Financial package, we will ask you to review your financials and ensure that everything is correct and all transaction information is included before we provide your package to your Taxfyle Expert. Responding to this request in a timely manner will help keep your tax filing on track.
Once your Taxfyle Expert is working on your Tax Return, it is possible that they may have questions for you. They will also ask you to review and approve your Tax Return. Making time to respond to these requests promptly will go a long way to help your Expert complete your Tax Return as quickly as possible.